Just south of Chapel Hill is the quiet town of Pittsboro. The county seat of Chatham County, Pittsboro is the quintessential small town with proximity to big city conveniences. Just over 2500 people live in Pittsboro, but the town is growing. Pittsboro was founded in 1787 and a courthouse was erected by the town soon after. The town is a gem for history buffs, and the historic main street is largely intact today.

The town regularly sponsors two events to bring neighbors together: the Fall Festival and the Christmas parade. At the Fall Festival, check out local arts and crafts, live music and fun activities for children. Community groups and clubs also set up booths so than neighbors can find people who enjoy the same things. The Christmas parade features local middle and high school bands, floats sponsored by community groups, antique cars and tractors and local personalities. Entertaining for the entire family, the parade is the perfect way to kick off the Christmas Season.

Pittsboro has all the charm of an idyllic small town, and is just 16 miles away from Chapel Hill for those who might get a little stir crazy. So relax and enjoy the slower pace of life in Pittsboro, but know if you’re in need of a little energy you’re not too far away.


Chatham County Schools

Pittsboro is served by the Chatham County Schools system. The district has 17 schools and educates about 8,200 students. The district is wireless and every teacher is issued a laptop to make sure that technology is at the forefront of educating district students. During the 2010-2011 school year the district achieved its goal of issuing laptops to high school students and providing laptop carts for students in other grade levels to use in the classroom. Despite being a relatively small district, 30 honors courses and 13 Advanced Placement courses are available to students. To increase course availability, students in high school can take courses at any school if they are not offered at their home school.

In 2014 the school graduated 87 percent of its students, higher than the North Carolina state average. The average SAT score for Chatham County students is a 1412, slightly below the state and national averages. But with increased focus on technology and science, the district hopes to raise scores and continue to improve graduation rates.



Chatham County has a strong history in industrial and agricultural production. Rich in natural resources, farming and agriculture continue to be a staple industry in the area. Manufacturing jobs are another large component in the local economy, particularly food manufacturing. As the demographics of the town slowly shift towards higher education, industry is following suit with growth in sales and healthcare jobs. Located nearby to Chapel Hill, Durham and the Research Triangle, Pittsboro offers a short commute to the growing healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

The county and its towns are focused on growing a number of industries in the area. Coordinating those efforts are the Chatham County Economic Development Corp. and the Chatham Chamber of Commerce.

Investment in architectural and engineering services, technical and research services and basic health services have become priorities for the town. Chatham County is also known for its creative spirit and numerous artists. Music festivals at Shakori Hills Farmstead outside Pittsboro provide an opportunity for artisans and musicians to share their craft with the community.

A recently approved plan, Chatham Park, is set to bring over 22,000 new residents and 115,000 new jobs to outside Pittsboro in the next 30 years. This will be built up to rival the Research Triangle Park, effectively putting Pittsboro on the map.