Get a Mortgage

Every real estate website has a mortgage calculator. But to really understand what is best for your individual situation, you need to talk to a professional. The first and one of the most important steps to home buying is to get Pre-approved. This gives you the assurance and comfort that you will be looking for homes in the price range best suited for you and your family. It makes the loan process go much smoother and makes you look like a serious buyer when presenting an offer.

This is the absolute FIRST STEP when starting to look for a home.
Here are three local lenders I have worked with that care about customer service and will get the job done for the loan to close on time.

Whitney Bulbrook
Carolina Ventures Mortgage
w: 919-960-1506
c: 919-260-6020
Frank Rexford
Corporate Investors Mortgage
w: 919-929-6116
c: 919-360-7864

Bryan Parker
Union Home Mortgage
c: 919-880-4226