Cary is a growing town nestled between Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park. Its prime location is causing growth in the town to boom, yet Cary maintains its charm. In the past decade, Cary received repeated accolades from Money Magazine naming it one of the best places to live. Tree-lined streets take away the feel of a large city, but all the amenities and conveniences of the city are close at hand.

Parks and Greenways are a great way to enjoy the outdoors in Cary. Kids can join a recreational sports league and play everything from soccer to baseball and football. For those who don’t want to play sports, but still enjoy the outdoors, you won’t want to miss the Koka Booth Amphitheatre.

This multi-million dollar project houses concerts and festivals throughout the year (except in the winter). The North Carolina Symphony plays concerts here, too. Art Festivals and holiday-themed events bring the town together and make it easy to get to know your neighbors. And with a variety of cultural and ethnic programs it’s easier than ever to experience big-city fun in a scaled back atmosphere.


Wake County Schools

Raleigh is served by the largest public school system in the state, the Wake County Public School System. With 171 schools in the district, WCPSS serves more than 157,000 students. Some of the districts schools operate on a traditional calendar, while others are year-round giving families freedom to choose the style best for their children. In 2008 the district graduated 8,846 students (81% of the senior class).

The district serves a diverse student body. In 2014, roughly 48.1 percent of the student body is white, 24.2 percent is African-American, and 16.4 percent is Hispanic, 7.1 percent Asian, 3.8 percent multiracial and .3 percent American Indian.

There are 13 public elementary schools, 4 public middle schools and three public high schools located in Cary. In addition, there are 11 private schools in the town. With such a large number of schools in the area, and close proximity to a number of Colleges and Universities, educating your children is a priority.



Business is booming in Cary. With several large companies bringing facilities or expanding operations in the town, more and more jobs are becoming available in the area. In 2010 Garmin International, American Airlines and John Deere, among others, brought new jobs to Cary with the growth of their operations.

The pro-business environment in North Carolina, plus the nearby Research Triangle Park has made Cary, and surrounding towns, great places to build businesses. In Cary, the unemployment rate is only 3.4 percent. Cary also has the space for businesses to expand. With available land for the building of new office spaces or company headquarters and existing retail space available for purchase, Cary is committed to seeing the local economy expand with the population.

In 2013 Cary was ranked the 11th best city for job growth by and the number 8 safest city in the country. It was also ranked 7th best performing city by the Milken Institute. This year Cary is ranked 10th for most notable high-growth area in the United States by the Gadberry group. In 2011, Cary was ranked 4th metro in 10-year job growth by BusinessFirst. With accolades like this, Cary is poised to help you find the job you want, or start the business you’ve been thinking of. Cary is served by the Raleigh News & Observer and The Triangle Business Journal.